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The WOW & WONDER of Learning!

Welcome to ELGIN MATH & SCIENCE ACADEMY (EMSA), a public charter school where students and teachers reach their highest potential through active exploratory learning and social responsibility!

EMSA is a decade-long dream of community members to open a K-8 school that brings science and math to life for students in Elgin, Illinois and surrounding communities.  Partnered with EL Education (eleducation.org), we are currently in our planning year, officially opening in August 2018, when EMSA will expand the idea of what deeper learning can look like.

EMSA’s math and science focus will be enhanced by arts integration in every expedition. EMSA will bring Wow & Wonder in Learning, which:

Benefits children of all backgrounds.
Engages parents, community leaders & experts in support of student learning.
Implements field work, project-based learning, and community service.
Generates critical thinking, problem-solving & teamwork.

The Elgin Charter School Initiative (the “parent” group for EMSA) is a member of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EMSA has a local Board of Directors composed of area stakeholders including educators, business leaders, and parents of potential students.

EMSA will open in the Fall of 2018 with 200 students in grades K-3,
and to grow to 450 students in grades K-8.

1_ExteriorPhoto courtesy of Mark B. Thompson Associates LLC. Architecture & Planning.

Have questions? Contact our crew at:  info@emsacharter.org.


Our approval history: On Tuesday, October 3, the Illinois State Charter School Commission voted to grant the appeal of EMSA’s Charter School Proposal, giving us the approval to move forward to open in Fall 2018! EMSA thanks the Commission and their staff for their thoughtful consideration of our appeal.

A big thank you also goes out to all of our volunteers, supporters, future families, and design team! EMSA looks forward to bringing the WOW & WONDER of EL Education to area families!

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