Elgin Math and Science Academy Request for Proposals for Preconstruction and Construction Phase Services
EMSA Contractor RFP 20191029

Issued on October 29, 2019
Proposal due on November 20th, 2019

Elgin Math and Science Academy (EMSA) plans to build two new classroom “cabins”, reconfigure the school entry/ drop-off, renovate an existing administration building and an renovate an existing gymnasium.

EMSA is seeking proposals for Preconstruction and Construction Phase services for the Project to be completed using the Construction Manager at Risk with a Guaranteed Maximum Price delivery method. The selected General Contracting firm’s Preconstruction Phase fee will be fixed based upon the scope of work described in this Request for Proposals. The firm’s construction phase fee, including overhead and profit, insurance, bonding, and general conditions will be based on the attached preliminary design information provided by the Architect. The Guaranteed Maximum Price will be established with an amendment to the contract after all major trades have been bid and pricing has been accepted by EMSA and IFF.

A walk through of the facility will be held on November 11th at 1pm. Proposals are due no later than 3:00 pm on November 20, 2019. Please submit an electronic version of the proposal to at that time. Also submit one hard copy to follow by 3:00 pm, November 21, 2019 to:

Meghan Dyer
Senior Owner’s Representative
333 South Wabash, Suite 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60604

 Interviews will be scheduled for Wednesday November 20th and a final decision will be announced on Friday November 22nd.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING COMPLIANCE WITH THE ILLINOIS PREVAILING WAGE ACT: Any firm selected to render services under this contract shall pay the “prevailing wage” within the meaning of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, 820 ILCS 130/.01 et seq. (“Act”) that can be reviewed at  The Act requires contractors and subcontractors to pay laborers, workers and mechanics performing services on public works projects no less than the current “prevailing rate of wages” (hourly cash wages plus amount for fringe benefits) in the county where the work is performed. The Illinois Department of Labor (“DOL”) publishes the prevailing wage rates on its website located at The DOL revises the prevailing wage rates from time to time and the contractor/subcontractor has an obligation to check the DOL’s website for revisions to prevailing wage rates. For information regarding current prevailing wage rates, please refer to the Illinois Department of Labor’s website. All contractors and subcontractors rendering services under the awarded contract must comply with all requirements of the Act, including but not limited to, all wage requirements and notice and record keeping duties.