Community Crew

Community Crew happens weekly on Fridays at 8:15 at EMSA. Our entire school gathers together to participate in greetings, readings, initiatives and debriefs as they would within their classroom crews. In Community Crew we also add in birthday celebrations, discuss school wide goals and initiatives, and infuse as much student voice and leadership as we can. Pictured below are some highlighted moments from previous Community Crews.

Mrs. Willer, Ms. Grigsby, Ms. Lababidi, Ms. Carbajal, and Mr. Foor performed “I Need A Reason” which talks about positive intent. Our kiddos loved it and learned a lot through this great performance.
The Staff E-Pop Group put together a song “We like big brains” for our EMSA crew to inspire them to do their best on NWEA testing.
Mrs. Fuhr measures brains during NWEA testing. We look to see whose brain has grown the largest!