Driving Your Student


School hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm for all students. Students are encouraged to arrive for school 5-10 minutes before class begins and 10-15 minutes early if they are choosing to eat breakfast at school. Please do not arrive before 7:30AM, as students will not be able to enter the building prior to that time due to lack of supervision.
Students may arrive at school from 7:30-8:00. In order for our transportation system to run efficiently, everyone must follow the same procedures.

1. You will follow the regular route and make a large, patient loop at the main entrance of the school.
2. You will remain in a single file line and never pass another car unless directed by school officials.
3. All students will exit the car in the circle drive.
4. The greeters will open the car doors on the passenger side to ensure student safety.
5. Once your student has exited the car and is safely on the sidewalk, you will proceed around the circle drive and make your departure back to Dundee Avenue.

All students are expected to arrive at school and be in their assigned classroom by 8:00am. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by 8:00am. At 8:00am, the front doors will be locked and parents and students must be buzzed into the school building. If your child arrives after 8:00am, you will need to park and accompany your child to the front desk for a tardy pass. Students will need to present their tardy pass to their teacher to get into class. If a student does not have a tardy pass, they will be sent back to the front desk to get one.

PM PICK-UPAt the end of the school day, children will be sent to their designated places for bus, car rider and Boys and Girls Club. Cars need to stay in a patient line and children will be loaded into the cars in the order in which the cars are lined up.

1. If traffic is “HIGH“, to prevent cars backing up on RT25, you may be asked to use the overflow drive (see map). if traffic is “LOW” proceed on the regular drive.
2. You will remain in a single file line and never pass another car unless directed by school officials.
3. Staff members will open car doors on the passenger side only for efficiency and safety.
4. Once your child is safely in his/her seat, you can proceed back down the lane toward the exit while remaining in the single file line.

Please note, for staff and student safety, if your child is not outside when your car is in the pick-up zone, you will need to pull forward as directed by a school official until we can safely load your child into your car.

It is very important that any carpool or emergency contact information are complete and up-to-date with the front office. Students can only be released to adults listed in their account. If you wish to have another adult listed, please call the front office. If your request for a particular adult is just for one day, please send a note to the classroom teacher or notify the office by phone. Children must have a permission note in their hands to go with a person not designated on the student’s account.

If you have a special circumstance that would require your student to leave early, special permission from the Principal is required. Once permission is obtained, please park in the circle drive and come to the front office to sign out your child and walk him/her out. Early pick-ups can disrupt learning, so please limit these requests. Fridays after 1:30pm would be the optimal time for your student to leave early for an appointment or on a professional development day when there’s no school if the appointment can only be made during school hours.