What is “JEDI”? Justice. Equity. Diversity. & Inclusion

Creating a school community that thrives with social justice at its heart is key at the Elgin Math and Science Academy Charter School.

Justice is an action that is driven by: equity for students, staff, and stakeholders, embracing diversity, and the act of inclusion. 

Equity Means…

  • Student-centered classrooms that are culturally responsive and differentiated for students’ needs.
  • All students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and their families, each other, their communities, and the ecosystem.
  • All crew members can develop an understanding of our school’s ecosystem and are mindful of its impact in relation to the communities they reside in.
  • All students have opportunities for academic and social growth.
  • The social emotional development for all students is emphasized through various school-based activities and supports.
  • Restorative practices are utilized as a means to repair and rebuild relationships.
  • Students, staff and stakeholders are seen and heard.
  • All EMSA families have equitable access to engage with the school community.
  • School works with Greater Elgin and surrounding communities to ensure that families have access to applying for the school lottery.

Diversity Means …

  • We seek to understand the diversity of the land we thrive on and the impact of the land on the diverse communities we are from.
  • The home culture and language of students and staff is valued and embraced.
  • We honor the diverse abilities of students.
  • All family structures are recognized.
  • Students affirm their identities and learn about the backgrounds of their peers.

Inclusion Means …

  • All students are provided the opportunity to be leaders of their own learning.
  • All students, staff, and stakeholders are encouraged to engage in our crew.
  • All students have opportunities to participate in environmental advocacy and stewardship.
  • All students are supported and invited to participate in the social and extracurricular life at EMSA.
  • All families are welcome to be involved in schoolwide family functions at EMSA.