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Below you can find more information regarding charter schools and press for the Elgin Math & Science Academy Charter School Initiative.

EMSA in the News:

EMSA wants city to turn over ownership of charter school campus in order to save money on renovation: Chicago Tribune, The Courier News 05/12/2020

With first year nearing end, Elgin charter school preparing to add fourth grade in the fall: Chicago Tribune, The Courier News 05/30/2019

Elgin charter opens; Students return to classrooms across Kane, McHenry counties: Daily Herald 08/15/2018

Elgin charter school almost ready for school year’s start: Daily Herald 07/27/2018

EMSA March Newsletter: click here

Congratulations To The Founding Elgin Math And Science Academy Principal: EL Education

Elgin charter school’s new principal inspired by its vision: Daily Herald 1/22/18

EMSA chooses Jacksonville administrator as its first principal: Courier News 1/16/18

EMSA Announces New Founding Principal: read here

EMSA Announces New Founding Principal – press release: click here

EMSA launches Online Application for 2018/2019 school year: click here

Charter group leader talks about Elgin school’s progress: Daily Herald 1/8/18

EMSA December Newsletter: click here

What’s to come in Elgin in 2018… Elgin School District U46 is set to have its first charter school open in time for the 2018-2019 school year: Courier News 12/29/17

Year in review: A look back at news in the Elgin area in 2017… Elgin charter school : Courier News 12/29/17

Fox Valley’s top stories of 2017: Elgin charter school approved for 2018: Daily Herald 12/22/17

New Elgin charter school picks principal: Courier News 12/20/17

‘In the best interest of students’: State commission releases Elgin charter budget, appeal decision: Courier News 10/12/17

State commission reverses U46 charter school denial; EMSA to open in 2018: Courier News 10/4/17

State panel OKs Elgin charter school: Daily Herald 10/4/17

Elgin charter school appeal hearing set for Thursday: Courier News 9/2/17

State sets hearing to review Elgin charter school proposal: Daily Herald 8/17/17

Gail Borden to host eclipse viewing event Monday: Daily Herald 8/17/17

Column: Elgin charter school would offer exceptional educational opportunity: Courier News 8/4/17

Group may ask state to reverse U-46 on Elgin charter school denial:  Daily Herald 7/3/17

Elgin charter school backers consider appeal:  Courier News 6/30/17

U46 board denies charter school contract, proposal:  Courier News 6/27/17

Give the Elgin area this charter school option: Chicago Tribune editorial 6/26/17

District U46 school board member backs proposed charter school: Courier News 3/21/17

Supporters flood hearing on U46 charter school plan: Courier News 3/14/17

Elgin charter school proposal garners mixed reactions: Daily Herald 3/14/17

Hearing set on U46 charter school proposal: Courier News 3/4/17

Elgin group resubmits charter school proposal: Daily Herald 2/1/17

U46 charter school proposal resurrected in Elgin: Courier News 2/1/17

Charter school group eyes vacant school property:  Courier News 8/25/16

Elgin charter school proponents looking to restart:  Courier News 7/28/16

Old News (from our prior effort):

District U-46 Rejects Charter School Idea; Backers Going to State Level:  The Courier News, July 22, 2014

U-46 Board Rejects Charter School Proposal:  Daily Herald Article, July 22, 2014

Elgin Charter School Group to appeal U-46 rejection:  Daily Herald Article, July 23, 2014

Letter to the editor: Daily Herald Article, July 14, 2014

U-46 committee vote on Elgin charter school: Daily Herald Article, June 23, 2014

Elgin charter school hearing on Monday, June 23, 2014:  Courier News Article, June 20, 2014

Elgin charter school seeks approval from District U46: Courier News Article, May 9, 2014

Elgin charter school group files application: Daily Herald Article, May 9, 2014

Elgin charter school group files application: Daily Herald Article, March 2, 2014

Elgin charter school finalizing application: Courier News Article, February 7, 2014

Charter group wants to open kindergarten to 8th-grade school: Daily Herald Article, February 5, 2014

Elgin charter school could open in fall 2015: Daily Herald Article, October 29, 2013

Elgin charter initiative chooses Expeditionary model: Courier News Article, October 8, 2013

Elgin group faces tough decisions creating charter school: Daily Herald Article June 10, 2013

Elgin charter school group holds first public talk: September 11, 2012 Courier-News:  Elgin School Group Holds First Public Talk

Group looks to bring charter school to U-46: May 30, 2012 Daily Herald: Group Looks to Bring Charter School to U-46

Group takes ‘Initiative’ to bring charter school to Elgin: May 23, 2012 Courier-News: Group Takes Initiative to Bring Charter School to Elgin

More Information on Charter Schools:

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