Multilingual Services

Multilingual Learners Program Vision

The Multilingual Learners Program will create a crew experience for students in English Language Proficiency Support and Bilingual Programs that provides them with equitable access to the curriculum in an EL Education school while promoting their cultural and linguistic identities.

Multilingual Learners Program Mission

Students in the Multilingual Learners Program will be able to:

  • Have support based on their unique needs to equitably access an EL education school’s curriculum.
  • Flourish in an environment with a growth mindset that cultivates them for college and career readiness.
  • Experience an environment of “wow and wonder” while honoring linguistic and cultural identities
  • Engage in self-discovery and have a forum to express and communicate it in multiple linguistic mediums.
  • Feel empowered and heard in a diverse crew.
  • Participate in, lead and advocate for a Better World in their communities
  • Have families consistently engaged in the school community and be supported by the entire crew.

EMSA Multilingual Learner Demographics

28% of EMSA Students qualify for Multilingual Programming

15 Languages are spoken by EMSA’s Multilingual Learners

Top Languages Are:





Program Director: Sarah Said, Director of Language and Equity Programs,

Program Teachers:

Elizabeth Terrazes, Bilingual Resource Teacher,

Paru Heer, Multilingual Resource Teacher,

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Multilingual Program Explanation English

Multilingual Program Explanation Spanish