Program Compliance

EMSA is a proud ELLevation partner. ELLevation supports the Multilingual Program’s Record Keeping and Progress Monitoring.

Identifying Students for Services

See ISBE Process For Identifying Students for EL and Bilingual Services Here

For New Students Entering the Charter

***“New Students” are defined as students who have not attended an Illinois public school.

  • Home Language Survey is administered through school powerschool.  
  • If families answered “yes” to one of the questions, the Director of Language and Equity Programs will correspond with the family. Then, students will be screened for services using the following:

-WIDA Model assessment for Kindergarten and grade 1 (first semester)

-WIDA Screener assessment for grades 1 (second semester) – 8th grade

– NWEA MAP Assessment is Spanish is provided for all students who have WIDA scores below 3.5 and are identified as Spanish speakers

Screeners must be administered  by a certificated teacher. 

Student classifications as follows:

–   WIDA Model: Students must score below 5.0 to qualify for services.  For first grade first semester, if a student scores below a 5.0 with less than a 4.2 in reading and writing, they will qualify for services.

–   WIDA Screener assessment:  Students scoring less than a 5.0 will qualify for services.

  • Once a student qualifies for services, the Director of Language and Equity will enter their data into Powerschool.  They will assure that the student is classified as LEP and proper services are designated. Teachers will complete the enrollment form.
  • A parent notification packet must be sent home within one week of assessing and entering a student into Powerschool. 
  • The Multilingual Team will correspond with parents and provide a language and schooling history to the classroom teacher.

Identifying Students for Services As They Are Transferring From Another Illinois School District

***Out of state transfer students are considered “new”

  • Home language survey is administered. 
  • Director of Language and Equity checks SIS for LEP status and assessment history.
  •  If needed, Director calls other school district for the following:
    • Student Data History
    • Program Placement
    • Language of Instruction
    • Director reports back findings to teachers.
  • Teachers and Director make program placement decisions together on a case by case basis.
  • Once a decision is made ,the Director will enter student data and enter data in Powerschool. They will assure that the student is classified as LEP and proper services are designated.
  • A parent notification packet must be sent home within one week of assessing and entering a student into Powerschool.
  • The Multilingual Team will correspond with parents and provide a language and schooling history to the classroom teacher.

In the Case of a Parent/Guardian Refusal

  • Teacher sends a Parent/Guardian Notification packet home with the student.
  • Parent(s) solicits a meeting to discuss recommendations – written requests or phone call.
  • The Director of Language and Equity meets or calls parent(s) to review data and clarify program goals for the recommended placement along with Academic Progress- MAP, IAR (if applicable), Language Proficiency Growth – ACCESS, MODEL or Screener, EL Education Bench Mark Assessments (if applicable)
  • If parent(s) refuses services or recommended program placement, a handwritten letter from the parent is sent to Director 
  • Director will re-enter students in SIS as a parent refusal (if they are new to services) or withdrawn if they have had services in the past.
  • The Director will send confirmation of refusal/withdrawal to parent(s).
  • If the student does not have a MLL Folder, the Director will create a folder following department guidelines.
  • The Multilingual Learning team is responsible for maintaining a MLL Folder until the student meets exit criteria.
  • If parent(s) decides to change the student’s enrollment status after a refusal, the teachers will edit the program enrollment form. Parents must provide a letter requesting their child receive services again.  Director will be notified by teachers through email of program change. 
  • Families will receive a yearly refusal letter asking if they would like to participate in services.
  • Students will still receive Multilingual Learning progress reports and be monitored by Multilingual  staff.
  • Students will still partake in ACCESS assessments.
  • Students will still be exit monitored once they complete exit criteria.

See ISBE Policy on Parent Refusal for Programming Here

Multilingual Progress Reporting

Multilingual Progress reports will be issued once a quarter. They will be processed through the ELLevation system with collaboration from both the Multilingual teacher and the General Education teacher. This will be administered for all students in the program in order to report the progress of growth in the four domain areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Procedure:  A copy of the progress report will be sent home to families with report cards for students in the Multilingual Program. Students who are enrolled in the school’s bilingual clusters will have a native language copy of the progress report sent home as well.  Another copy of the report will be filed in the student’s MLL folder.

At the Multilingual Parent Advisory Crew sponsored Celebration of Learning that happens two times a year, parents will also be provided with a copy of the students Can Do descriptor based Language Goal. Students will also be able to present their performance tasks to parents in native language.

Additionally, parents who request translation in Spanish are given the student’s report card in Spanish.  

Progress Reports will be proceeded through Multilingual Programming Documentation in ELLevation with benchmarks and student/teacher created Language goals informed by the WIDA Can Do Descriptors.

Program Exit

The WIDA ACCESS assessment is administered through the State of Illinois every school year. To exit a Multilingual Program, students must score a 4.8 composite score on this assessment per Illinois State School Code.

Exit Monitoring

Students who have exited the Multilingual Program will be monitored for four years to ensure their progress after exiting the Multilingual Program. This monitor will be through tracking NWEA MAP data, IAR data (if applicable), EL Education Benchmark Data (If applicable), Module Assessment Data (If applicable), and teacher observation. All exit monitoring will happen through the ELLevation system. This will happen at the end of every school year during the four year period. All documentation will be placed in the student’s temporary file and MLL file.

Any questions: email Sarah Said, Director of Language and Equity Programs,