Uniform Policy

Purchasing Uniforms

Below are uniform requirements and general dress guidelines. If you have questions or need assistance in providing the required uniform garments or footwear for your student, please call (630) 254-4596 or email info@emsacharter.org.

Our Uniform Basics are available online! If you are unable purchase items online or need assistance in purchasing the required uniform tops for your student, please contact us at (630) 254-4596, or email us at info@emsacharter.org. We will have order forms available during our Registration days on July 26 & 27.

The tops (including polos, t-shirts, polo dress, etc.) will have an embroidered or printed EMSA crest and will be available for purchase starting in July. We will inform our families of purchasing details once available. Please check back for more information — and thank you for your patience!



Students will wear khaki-colored bottoms that may consist of pants, skorts or “scooters” (finger tip length or longer), or finger tip length or longer shorts (non-athletic in design and only during warm temperatures). *Families are not required to purchase bottoms from any specific vendor. 

Students will wear a navy blue EMSA logo wear Polo or T-shirt on top that will be purchased through the school or online. Variations include a girl’s cut polo, a boys (co-ed) cut polo or a polo ruffle dress (to be worn with navy bike shorts, or “kickers” during warm weather or khaki-colored leggings).

Sweatshirts, “hoodies”, and jackets that are not uniform apparel CANNOT be worn indoors during school hours. Cool weather options (including a long-sleeve t-shirt under a polo) will be available for purchase.

Socks, Shoes and Boots:
Students are to wear closed-toe shoes that are appropriate for outdoor and indoor activity. Athletic shoes are preferred. Students are to wear socks. White or neutral colored socks are preferred. Students will also need to keep a pair of rain boots at school for outdoor education times.

Students will be issued a basic hat to be worn during outdoor activities that include field research, hiking and extended time in a wooded or prairie settings. You may provide a wide-brimmed or bucket-styled hat appropriate for outdoor recreation if you choose.


Friday Field Study Days
On Field Study days, students will spend an extended time outdoors and will need to be appropriately dressed for the weather and outdoor activity. This activity may include time spent in wooded or prairie areas.

Students may wear blue jeans (finger tip length or longer shorts during hot weather) or khaki-colored pants/shorts on Fridays. Jeans may be “comfort stretch” or typical denim material.

Any EMSA top may be worn on Fridays. Outerwear does NOT need to be EMSA uniform wear, but does need to comply with the general guidelines. To be prepared for outdoor education, it is best to provide layers for your child’s outerwear.

Students will be issued a basic hat to be worn during outdoor activities that include field research, hiking and extended time in a wooded or prairie setting. You may provide a wide-brimmed or bucket-styled hat appropriate for outdoor recreation if you choose. Bandanas, sun glasses, or insect-shield gear may be worn during outdoor activities as necessary.

Students are required to have proper footwear for outdoor education activities. This includes having rain boots (wellies or muck boots) available during warm and cool weather, and winter boots available during cold months.

We encourage students with long hair to wear a hairstyle appropriate for extended outdoor activity.

Water Bottle:
Students should come equipped with a reusable water bottle, especially during warm weather.


During special events, we would like to have the students all dressed in their navy blue EMSA polo (or polo dress) for consistency and uniformity. Khaki bottoms will accompany the polo on those special days. Special Days and Evening Events include, but are not limited to: First Day of School, School Pictures, Nature Night, Engineering Evening, and Celebrations of Learning.

General Student Dress Guidelines

  • DO NOT wear hats, coats, bandannas, sweat bands, and sun glasses in the school building during normal school and afterschool hours.
  • DO NOT advertise, promote, or picture alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, violent behavior, or other inappropriate images with your clothing, accessories or backpacks.
  • DO NOT display lewd, vulgar, obscene, or offensive language or symbols, including gang symbols.
  • DO NOT wear hair styles, dress, and accessories that pose a safety hazard in the shop, laboratories, or during physical education.
  • DO NOT wear shorts or skirts shorter than the length of the student’s fingertips.
  • DO NOT wear clothing with holes, rips, tears, and clothing that is otherwise poorly fitting, sagging, showing skin and/or undergarments.
  • DO NOT dress in a way that causes a substantial disruption of the orderly process of school functions or endangers the health or safety of the student, other students, staff or others.
  • DO NOT wear flip-flops, sandals, or open-toe shoes during school days, field trips or school functions.

We are working hard to be able to provide quality and affordable options. Please check back by July 1st for more information!

Thank you for your patience!